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July 18th, 2011 - Lead a Healthier Life through the Help of Galileo Health

Today more than ever, staying healthy seems like one of the most difficult tasks possible. There are numerous diseases, viruses, and health hazards that threaten to weaken our bodies. There are just as many healthy foods as there are harmful ones and differentiating them can sometimes be hard. In order to help people find the physicians that will help guide them towards a healthy lifestyle and ensure longevity, we started Galileo Health. Our sole mission is to provide an easy way for people to find specialized care and physicians in one organized and effective place. At Galileo Health, we don't just provide metal buildings in which to get a checkup, but a physician that's tailored to fit one's financial and lifestyle needs.

While many people view health sites as a place to find metal buildings filled with physicians that don't care about their patients, we are different. We have gathered as much information as needed for people to stay updated on new changes to the health care industry in addition to having a large database of experienced, qualified physicians. The group of physicians and specialized care experts at Galileo Health care about their patients and provide a forum for better communication.

Our mission is to keep as many people healthy as possible. To do this, we have created Galileo Health to include a database of qualified physicians and specialized care centers for everyone to stay healthy.

May 23rd, 2011 - How Online Doctors Give Patients New Options

Many people have trouble keeping their doctor's appointments due to scheduling conflicts, chronic medical conditions and family emergencies, but some new websites offer patients an easier, faster way to contact their physicians.

Online doctors can review a patient's symptoms, view pictures and videos, ask questions and eventually issue a diagnosis. In the United States, doctors can legally prescribe medications online under certain circumstances.

Many patients prefer Internet-based consultations with doctors to keep office visit costs down and to quickly get prescriptions for needed medications. Some patients have medical conditions that make online physicians a much better option. People with severe disabilities and anxiety, for instance, might prefer to deal with physicians online. The online visits are also convenient for doctors, who can often handle dozens of extra patients each day by using web conferencing. Because physicians spend less time in online checkups, the service is usually inexpensive.

Of course, there are some limitations. Online doctors cannot perform all of the tests needed to diagnose certain diseases and conditions. During an online checkup, a physician may tell a patient to visit a physical office for CT scans, blood work or to verify symptoms. This is particularly important when the patient needs a potentially addictive or dangerous medication.

Nonetheless, online doctors are a useful, growing resource for patients in the United States. Through regular online checkups, people can get diagnoses and prescriptions to stay healthy at a remarkably low cost per visit.

May 16, 2011 - Know What Dental Supplies Your Dentist Uses

Dentists order their dental supplies from a number of sources. Some sources are resellers, others are the manufacturer of a product. So how does the patient know that they are receiving quality dental materials to be placed in their mouths? Most of the time they don't, unless they ask.

It may seem a bit odd that a patient should ask about the dental materials, but they have a right to know. Not all Dental Supplies are created the same. Having a repair break prematurely affects both the mouth and the pocket book in a negative way.

Selecting dental materials from a manufacturer like Tokuyama Dental America provides an assurance of quality. It is a good idea to purchase most of your dental supplies from one source. You can assure your patients that you have familiarity with how the product lasts.


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